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BellaBot - Robot de reparto




BellaBot, the latest delivery robot designed by Pudu, inherits the impressive features of the previous generation and boasts superior human-robot interaction capabilities. With its innovative bionic design language, attractive design, AI voice capabilities, multi-modal interaction and many other new features, BellaBot offers users an unprecedented food delivery robot experience.
Pudu has independently developed a robot positioning and navigation technology based on the fusion of various sensors. BellaBot provides two navigation and positioning solutions: visual SLAM and laser SLAM.
BellaBot can be used in restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, office buildings, and other commercial settings.

Why choose BellaBot?
- Captivating: Able to understand, chat, act charming and even sometimes impatient.
- Easy to use: Simple and easy operation; quick start in less than 2 minutes.
- Safe: Smooth delivery without crashes or splashes, with instant response of 0.5 seconds to avoid obstacles.
- Reliable: It works all day with 4.5 hours of charge. It has an exclusive energy exchange technology.
- Durable: Each robot passes an endurance test of 73,000 km.
- Profitable: Efficient delivery and easy maintenance

BellaBot: smart delivery expert
- More deliveries: In restaurants, BellaBot enables approximately 400 [ food and beverage deliveries per day, freeing waiters from the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of dishing out dishes and allowing them to spend more time serving customers.
Higher loads: BellaBot includes a large tray (41 x 50 cm) that supports twice the load capacity in each tray than if a manual delivery system were used.
-Coordination between several robots: BellaBot has a sharing mode for several robots, which allows a maximum of 20 BellaBot robots to work simultaneously. BellaBot is easy to operate in any environment, be it a small room of a few hundred square meters or a space of more than ten thousand square meters.

Ficha técnica BellaBot (.pdf)